52 Motivating Quotes Hidden in Original Artwork with
52 Discussion Sheets to Inspire, Stimulate and Engage!

Coloring Your Way To Success // The Coloring Book

Meet Michael Burger and find out everything you need to know about the coloring book phenomenon and how this one-of-a-kind coloring book can change how you do business.

Coloring Your Way To Success // The Leaders Guide Program

Let me host your next team meeting! Find out everything you need to know about The Leaders Guide Program…the perfect complement to Coloring Your Way To Success.

About Michael Burger

If you’re a fan of daytime talk or iconic game shows, you’ll know Michael Burger. If you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you might know him even better. Michael was the co-host of two successful morning talk shows, ABC’s Mike & Maty, and Home & Family with Cristina Ferrare, as well as the host of four game shows, including Personals for CBS and the classic Match Game. For Iron Chef USA, he sat behind the microphone as the play-by-play announcer. Michael was featured on CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood profiling his status as the most in demand warm up comic in television. Watch Michael’s demo to hear what Betty White had to say about him in action. In the corporate world, Michael is in demand for his insight and expertise. Michael’s keynotes reveal why happy employees can be your greatest asset, in addition to offering the tools you need to become better communicators. Michael uses his 4000 hours of television experience to deliver with great humor countless useful solutions that help individuals and companies succeed in this constantly changing world. Michael is the author of two books, Absolutely Necessary (how to keep yourself in demand) and the just released coloring book for adults, Coloring Your Way To Success. Michael began his career performing standup comedy on cruise ships and was ready to disembark…“When I got to the point I could keep 1500 people from going to the buffet”.

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Michael Burger
Coloring Your Way to Success

Coloring Reduces Stress and Sparks Creativity!

With Coloring Your Way to Success, you’re going to find 52 motivating business centric quotes hidden in original artwork. Included are 52 discussion sheets that go along with those quotes. The answers your employees give are going to reveal something about the people you’ve got working for you. Their ethics, their morality, their strengths and weaknesses, their willingness to change and adapt, real insight into their decision making abilities, and its all going to be accomplished through the fun of coloring. Finally a Monday morning team-building exercise that everybody’s going to show up for and enjoy.

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Why this book? Who should buy it? How do I use it?

You’ll notice some of these quotes are hundreds if not thousands of years old; which should remind us all there is no expiration date on wisdom. Speaking of wisdom, never underestimate the power of the right words at the right time. For some, those words can be transformative. Now and again we all need a gentle nudge of inspiration to get us back on track.

The Research: Coloring Your Way To Success is the first and only coloring book with discussion worksheets included. Five of the top ten selling books on Amazon in 2015 were adult coloring books. Scientific research has proven the benefits coloring. Doctors of psychiatry treating executives, managers and people referred to them with stress found coloring books were the answer to patients who were not responding to the traditional treatment of deep breathing or mediation.

Corporate Market: This book can be a team building exercise that can relieve stress and inspire your organization. Happy engaged employees increase productivity. In addition to the fun adults are clearly having coloring, the attached discussion worksheets will reveal how your teams think and behave while offering valuable insight to their decision-making abilities.

Education Market From Kindergarten To College: The next time you’re sitting at the kitchen table with your kids, give them this book to color. You’ll both enjoy the activity, and the quotes you’ll uncover can be a perfect way to start a conversation about the bigger issues in life. The college level student will love the challenge of thought-provoking discussion questions. Oh, and did I mention they get to color? What student and teacher wouldn’t love an hour of coloring and stimulating conversation? A text book the students will actually want to open!

Nursing And Care Facilities: My mom was in one and they had “coloring books” but they were uninspired and lacked expression. This coloring book will entertain, enlighten and engage conversation. Let’s give our greatest generation the bonus of expressing their opinions and creativity.

Take your time and enjoy the coloring. The poet Paul Morand said: “Speed kills color…the gyroscope, when turning at full speed, shows up gray.”

And finally, remember the words of French impressionist painter Paul Gauguin:
“If you see a tree as blue…then make it blue.”

Have fun…Michael Burger